Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Treasure Nest Tuesday #69: Coiled Copper Bracelet

My delightful assistant manager, Jen (whom, for her adorable tendency to call me Daisy, has been nicknamed Jenniflower) bought me some pick-me-up pretties the last day I was unable to work.

This coiled wire bracelet reminded her of my doodles:

It didn't fit my left wrist, though, so I tried it on my claw wrist, and it looks like some elves custom-made it for The Blessed Claw Fairy. I am totally a fan of things that make me feel like a capitalized phrase with the word fairy.

But that's not all! She also gave me lovely drapey earrings that make me feel like an Exotic Gypsy Fairy. More fairy awesome !

Jenniflower, you are a peach!
Head over to twitter and send @jensplacewv some love- It's her turn for a sick day with a migraine. Meh.

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