Thursday, September 15, 2011

On Being a Sometimes Disabled Disability Activist

I've been thinking an awfully lot about the not-so-funny funny thing that is my transition from being visually perceived as disabled to becoming seriously (temporarily) but invisibly disabled as my back and legs worsened.

It was perfect timing when my friend pk from Motion Masters emailed to ask me if I'd like to participate in an educational video about people with disabilities in the workplace.

After assuring her producer that I'd go brunette rather than Shocking Blue, it all fell into place. She and her crew met me at the shop and interviewed me.

I mostly talked about the few times potential employers showed bias based on my perceived challenges, and how I totally owned those interviews and rocked the job with all 7 fingers:)

I touched on the idea of invisible disabilities and perceived disabilities, citing that my depression/anxiety and scoliosis were far more detrimental than my arm.

I'm heading into day surgery tomorrow for a test on that wicked spine of mine, but I wanted to get a post up to thank pk and Motion Masters for allowing me to be a voice for people who live somewhere on the spectrum of limited abilities.

They totally loved my Ganesha tattoo and backstory, by the way, though I doubt that makes the cut:) They sent me that piece of film and the "Shayne" tattoo story to show Molly, which was incredibly thoughtful.

Check out pk and the Motion Masters team for any media and marketing needs. Here's a secret: pk's a genius, and one of my favorite people.

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  1. Ah, now I see why you were rocking the brunette again!!! Awesome!!!

    Also, sending love and mojo for tomorrow, in huge heaps ::::::::heapsandheapsoflovingmojo:::::::::::

  2. Heaping amounts of awesome, you has it.

  3. Thank you both- it was an amazing opportunity. And thanks to pk and her team having such great demeanors, I was totally at ease:)