Monday, October 10, 2011

25 Things That Make Me Feel Authentic

Idea seeds for this post were planted by dual posts by Scmutzie about fear and bravery. Read her list of bravery inspired things here.

I've been on an obsessive drive to find and awaken (by violent shaking and ice cold water) my Authentic Self. I remember discussing it with Laura from Dear Outer Space during or before my pregnancy, so it's a pretty serious mission at this point. Serious enough that I'm working through it in therapy and a biggish art project. Without further loquaciousness, Let There Be List.

25 Things That Make Me Feel Full of My SELF

1. Doodling spontaneously.

2. Snuggling with Molly.

3. Having great sex- with Mr. Bones or alone.

4. Wearing my hair pixie/buzz short.

5. My nose ring.

6. Seeing my big black arm tattoos out of the corner of my eye.

7. Eat-drinking smoothies full of spinach or other greens.

8. I forget what eight was for Listening to the Violent Femmes, Ani DiFranco, old Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, PJ Harvey, Nirvana, and Tori Amos.

9. Wearing long skirts.

10. Painting my toenails black.

11. Drinking rum or bourbon straight up.

12.  Writing with a black ink roller ball pen or fine tip sharpie.

13. Noticing a full moon by guess/intuition then confirming with a calendar.

10. Working on my eyebrows with tweezers and makeup so they look perfect...

11. Yet refusing to shave my armpits or legs.

12. Big, old, chunky jewelry.

13. The smell of my patchouli/citrus oil.

14. Reading Peter Pan to Molly in a British accent.

15. Bring comfortable enough with out-of-towners to let my slight drawl come out.

16. Baking my own bread.

17. Cussin' like a sailor.

18. Bathing and brushing Dharma, the best dog in history.

19. Strolling in the woods next to our property.

20. Sitting in the sun watching prayer flags dance.

21. NOMing sushi.

22. Saying to hell with insomnia and drinking red wine.

23. Working in Photoshop until time stops existing.

24. The smell of our wood stove.

25. The blotchy patterns of sun in our dining room that filters through the leaves of our giant lilac bush.

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