Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest Artist: Lisa Berry of the Funky "Feltypants"

Editor's note: I connected with Lisa on Google+, where I've found a huge circle of artists. I fell in love with her icon, to the left, because how could you not?
I adore painting as a way of embracing the visual narrative, as a way of telling our common story. I developed my style after struggling for years with impaired verbalization skills, caused by neurological damage from Multiple Sclerosis. When the words wouldn't come out, the images began to take shape.
This struck a deep chord with me, and with so many creatives who use our art to express pain both physical and psychic.

More from Lisa:
My painting philosophy is that art doesn't need to be happy, but it does need to be truthful. My worktends to reflect my internal landscape and address the fears and challenges that accompany an explored life. While deeply personal, the themes are universal.

Here is my personal favorite, shockingly. Bunny Brains! I have the biggest crush on this painting, and on the quirky whimsy of Berry's work.

Find the artist online:

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