Thursday, November 3, 2011

#NaBloPoMo Home

Shane's been out of town this at a business conference in Philly. All week, he sent me photos of the city's extensive public art, and was especially excited to show me "China Wedge," by Mei-Ling Hom. He knew I'd love it, quipping (as me), "Honey, I have 200,000 teapots, an idea, and four days. You think I can do this?"

China Wedge

He doesn't travel too often, and not usually for very long, but this trip was a pain in both our asses. He had to miss trick-or-treating with Molly, and I had to forgo having my surgery on Monday. Annoyed by the separation, we both found his homecoming sweeter than usual. He was a blissful romantic, telling me, "You feel like home." I fell in love with that sentence- it sums up our marriage. I love that he knows my taste in art and couldn't wait to tell me about a quirky piece he saw. I love that for both of us, the other is a personification of the word HOME.


  1. This is great to read. Growing pains...I got Em. I love, Love, LOVE my husband, but can't believe I am legally bound to this person for life. When it comes full circle like's like you finally got your share of the KoolAid everyone else has been drinking. Whoo Hoo to Shane. wOOt to you.

  2. That can be a scary idea; I totally feel you. The flip side, though, is a deep, solid sense of security. It comes in cycles, definitely. I miss you guys! Xo

  3. That's what I imagine a "soul mate" is, if they exist. Home.