Saturday, November 12, 2011

#NaBloPoMo My New Bedside Studio

To cheer myself up and make room for creative juices to flow neatly, I made up a little mini studio area beside my bed. Happy news: my hospital stay should be shorter than I'd originally heard. Then I'll be home drawing psychadelic pain medication inspired oddities, here in my shiny new area. Full disclosure: the rest of the house remains a toxic soup of crazy. This endeavor knocked me on my ass for three days but will be worth it as I face more weeks in bed.

Scanner, Wacom pad, and laptop:

And paints and drawing tools tucked away in drawers:

The bottom drawer makes me very happy: My pens and markers are in old flower pots that were my Grandma's. LOVE.

DON'T FORGET! Most frequent commenter in November wins a pretty! Happy weekend, darlin's.


  1. FEEL BETTER! That is the most important thing! I can't believe you did so much feeling so lousy...I can't even get myself to clean like that when I feel good.

  2. Thanks, Amy:) It was an unusually good day. And a bad idea, but it'll make the surgery recovery more tolerable.