Monday, November 7, 2011

#NaBloPoMo A Ring Story

When I started working at the thrift store, I picked up a new sterling silver ring. I stacked it with my wedding band and engagement rings, to add thickness and to hold on the wedding rings that were loose as I lost some weight. I could get them re-sized, but with my plan, I got a new ring. No-brainer.

It was a thick silver band with three small woven circles. I loved it a ridiculous amount, and it was empowering to wear a ring that was all me, bought for me.

When I lost more weight, the thick band started to slide off as well, so I bought this new lovely piece from the Etsy shop MomNDadsJewlery

I love the shop. The seller has a great selection. This ring was handmade by her father before he passed away, which is very bittersweet.

While I was waiting for the ring to ship, I read in Life From Scratch about the heroine buying a post-divorce empowerment ring from her favorite shop. I loved it as a rite of passage, and it made me feel ultra cool for wearing my ME-ring right with my US rings.

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