Friday, November 11, 2011

#NaBloPoMo The Rules, and How I Dare Not Break Them. Though They Be Complicated

Everyone knows the One Rule to, um, Rule Them All of Blogging is no drunk blogging. However, the other rule is If Thou Commitest to NaBloPoMo, thou must bloggeth daily.

And so I find myself in a warm, blurry conundrum. To wit: my beautiful friend L brought me a fantastic bottle of Three Blind Moose* and I finished it except for the modest, darling little glasses she poured herself. And then I realized I'd not yet regaled my bleaders with an exciting account of my pre-admissions tests at the hospital. So I was forced to decide whether to violate NO DRUNK BLOGGING or NO FUCKING UP NABLOPOMO. I consulted the Most Holy Law Book of Blogtopia and it turns out you can totally blog drunk if it's in November provided you are a female-identified blogger who doesn't do the hairy Movember thing.

So, here are the highlights of my day:
1. Speaking of hairy, a nurse performing an EKG on me gasped very southern-ly, "Ooh- someone didn;t shave her legs!" To which I replied, "I think I may have in 2002."
2. A lovely visit with the aforementioned L, who BY MAGIC TELEPATHY guessed that I LIVE for spinach artichoke dip.
3. A card from Dr. Voodoo's office, where I met L, wishing me well with my surgery.
4. Learning that my stay in hospital is estimated at 1-2 nights rather that 3-4. w00t.
5. WINE. NOM. We had Pino Grigio.

photo courtesy

*Try being drunk and NOT accidentally typing Three Bling Moose 8,000 times. Triple dog dare.


  1. Yes! Their Chardonnay is a fave. The Pinot was faboo, too. Look! Faboo too: drunk grrl rhymes!

  2. i'm a sucker for an evening with a good friend and a good wine. especially when shaved legs aren't a requirement!

  3. @emacaroni Thanks for visiting & commenting. As a matter of principle, shaved legs are NEVER required in my Universe:D