Saturday, November 19, 2011

#NaBloPoMo Waiting for the Scar

The day before my operation, I asked Shane to snap a photo showing my lower back tattoo. The surgeon said he would have to cut through it, but assured me his work is very neat and had hidden scars in a very intricate tattoo. I'm not worried the scar will show- I'm obsessively curious what it will look like. Right now a good bit of it is uncovered by the bandage.

The whole area under wraps is a little swollen, and I can't tell where the actual stitches are. I'm having fun guessing what it'll look like when it's healed. The photo showed me that I have a shameful amount of untapped potential for a large back piece. I've been daydreaming about a spinal tattoo of entwined kundalini snakes since before I had any tattoos. I haven't come up with a design that satisfies me yet. I want a slightly cyberpunk feel, and line movement that hints at the DNA double helix.

The dressing is on until my follow-up visit, in at least a week. I'll have to peak when he changes the bandage. After that the first milestone to await is taking a real bath. The happy trade-off is that all my recent hot soaks were driven by aching legs with nerve problems that have now been corrected.


  1. Heidi, this is an awesome post. I want you to write something with me about tattoos when you are feeling better. I have a theory that only people who are deeply in touch with the temporary nature of the human body understand tattoos.

  2. That is exactly what I have always thought they celebrate. You took those words directly from my BRAIN!

    I would love to collaborate. Very resonant topic for me.