Saturday, December 17, 2011

Color Template + New Header Design

I've spent a few days obsessively scouring Pinterest and Design Seed for color inspiration. I knew I wanted to use lime green for my new designs, but when I sat down to develop it, I kept making horribly neon-looking color combinations. I finally decided this woodsy palette from Design Seed was very close:

Then I found this amazing punch of lime painted on a door:

{ originally from }

I also added a medium gray between the two on the woodsy palette, dropped the wine hue, and that was my final palette. It was so much fun creating the color group, I decided to make the collection a nice graphic with the hex codes and RGB values for other web geeks. I've called it Lime Pop Soft:

If you're reading in a feed reader or on Facebook, here's the design:

And here is my new Facebook timeline "cover image":

The new Official Brand Font of is Ephorigenic- free from I love that it has chunky serifs. It has the sturdy, graphic punch of a sans-serif AND the delicacy of a serif font. The bolder grunge font I'm using here is Body Hunter, and the zOMG-adorable monocase font in the web addresses in the Facebook graphic is Arri√®re Garde, a freebie from Abstract Fonts.

Expect more palettes soon. I've already started a group to use when we paint and redecorate our dining room.

and, in shameless sales pitching,
To celebrate the public roll-out of the new Facebook Timeline, I'm offering a limited time special price for a custom design. 

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