Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bullet Blogging: Radically Random

  • I just burst out cackling after learning that Demi Moore's abandoned role in the Linda Lovelace movie was playing Gloria Steinem. This is because I caught a snippet of an interview displaying her saying she is frightened she'll be all old & alone & whining that she'll realize she was unworthy of love. This annoyed the ever-loving feminist shit out of me. Worry that you'll never find Big Real Love, or regret mismatched partners, or whatever- but for the love of cats, single women, do not jump to blaming yourself.
  • If I had any tiny bit of empathy I might blame Our Bullshit Culture for Ms. Moore internalizing that tripe, but apparently I am without celebrity empathy.
  • Unless you are Kurt Cobain, because the American Fame Machine murdered him. Any allegation of weakness of character in Kurt still spins me into a spastic rant.
  • Also, if you think Courtney has ever had her shit together enough to commit and get away with murder, you may be overestimating her skills at human function.
  • I should totally have an asskicking 13 tattoo right now, but I don't. My favorite studio held a Friday the 13th promotion and I drove on snowy scary streets to get a $13 thirteen tattoo and there was a big crazy wait, and their couches swallow you into a floppy ball of unsupported-spine and I left after a while. There are two more Friday the 13ths this year, so I still have time.
  • Before the world ends.
  • Because I'm not letting this go.
  • Until 2013
  • If we're still here.
  • My hair's still falling out from anesthesia but is still not obvious on my head so I've stopped freaking out about hypothetical bald spots.
  • My leg nerve pain is pretty much gone, but my back muscles are still cranky bastards.
  • I've gained back all the weight lost during the Dr. Voodoo period. This and watching Forks Over Knives and a thousand other food documentaries on Netflix have made me decide, AGAIN, that dairy foods are pure evil and want me dead.
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  • Yeah, the above fixation with 13 is a Wiccan thing. There are 13 full moons in a year. Being a Wiccan or former Wiccan, depending on my atheist level du jour, means that I also think black cats are awesome and that I do annoying things like referring to god as "she" and believing in chakras while also rolling my eyes at people who believe in newspaper horoscopes.

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