Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Official Theme Word for 2012

My dear Alexis Yael first introduced me to the idea of choosing a word to direct your energies and intentions for the year. This seems light years better than self-loathing resolutions that just ensure that you begin each year with the attitude that You Are Not Enough.

[which is bullshit]

This year, Shane and I both are focusing on learning to be mindful. We're working through a great book he found:

Here is the Kindle version: Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World, which is what we're using. I think I'd prefer to have it in physical form, though. There are layout choices that make reading annoying on the Kindle app and some places for notes in the real book.

I've been using the "body scan" practice a lot to tune back in to my body when my brain starts its crazy-making hamster wheel thing.

I feel really excited about living in 2012. For one thing, we've had a blast making fun of end-of-the-world stuff, and are planning an epic bash on December 21st. But beneath the hilariousness of thinking we little Earth Monkeys can predict the end times, I feel like there's been created a sort of collective mojo around this year. Something very fun and irreverent and change-y colors my feelings.

All this could be a reaction to spending most of 2011 in chronic, nagging pain and then capping the year off with a major spine operation. By comparison, even the apocalypse looks appealing. So anyway, I feel good feelings about 2012. I like 12s. I LOVE threes and fours, so twelve is just perfect. I see numbers in geometry. Three is an inverted, uterine triangle. My four is an equidistant cross, and twelve is a zodiac clock of the year. Twelve is whole and ordered and good.

So do you do the resolution thing? Is it positive? Does it work for you? Anyone have any other new ways to kickstart a new year? Do you feel The Big Ol' Twenty Twelve Mojo or is it just me and people with too many books of Mayan calendars?

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  1. I do resolutions, but not as a list... more like, I just go through the rough draft that was this year and edit it so that I can start working on it again NEXT year. Which is now this year. But, you know what I mean.

    I feel good so far about 2012. I'm sticking to some of the changes I wanted to make. Falling down a bit on some others, but I feel like I know more about what I want my life to be, every day.

    Hugs to you; I missed you at Square Meal!