Friday, February 24, 2012

Favorite Things Fridays: Birds & Snakes #1

song for the cold blood: strange
creatures, all bones too
many or hollow & drifting
all motion- alien cool & furless.
eggs & change &
molting always a quiet
hiss of growth or flight.
deep ground & under
or sky, impossible. you
are the fancy of
myth & fairy tale,
magic & fear & beyond
this mammal story-
some older knowing lives
small & solid
in your skulls.
smelling with tongues
and feeling wind's tiniest whispers
you are strange songs
calling from
old, cold places.


I was remembering my Roswell, former pet python and living art material shed-er, this morning. Then I saw a peacock on Pinterest and went into an internet rabbit hole after creating a Birds & Snakes board for my favorite creatures.

I remember as a fledgling Wiccan scoffing at the too-sweet cuteness of totem animals. All these Cat People, Mighty Panthers talking of vision quests and my darling Chein Noir: I shared with her being a "mother" of a beautiful black dog but didn't feel the sister-soul essence she did with her animals. I shrugged off animal magic until it dawned on me that the disconnect was their mammal totems. I was looking at my art- never a piece without moon, crow, or serpent, and realized my sister-beings were reptilian and avian. The fascination lives on, after my printmaking classes and religious studies. They move me with their ancient, alien beauty.

This'll be a two-part post. I've found an amazing artist to feature, and I'm waiting for permission to post her work. I'm off now to fight the urge to sell all my worldly possessions, buy a tattoo machine, and etch snakes into my legs.

Another day...

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