Monday, February 27, 2012

From Which the Future's Made

Reboot State at End of Blogathon In my dream, I received an odd phone call from a person I eventually recognized as a Facebook "friend" I'd never met. (My friend philosophy is to accept every request unless I know the person is an asshat or spammy. Then, when I find that you post photos of mangled fetuses with woman-hate or type in all caps, I remove you.) The caller was upset, but she needed help from a different Heidi. It came to light that she'd called directly from Facebook with a feature that doesn't yet exist.

Then I was discussing the weird situation with my friend and (with dream-brain word salad) I used the phrase "Paternity for Life," perhaps in response to discussing the merits of a friend's Baby Daddy? Anyway, when I picked up my iPhone, the Facebook app had launched and taken me to a request to "Like Paternity For Life." I was wicked creeped- the phone was listening! I turned it off and went to my mic-less laptop and pulled up Facebook. In this nebulous future, (or sideways dimension) there is no Facebook logo. There are colossal ads that run for a week and that company, whose logo was like the Michelin Man punching out at the viewer with an energy drink- Brawndo? Or the one in The Oblivion Society with a more forgettable and therefor realistic name? BUT a hacker had "tagged" the page (as I'm not a hacker I'm pretending they use graffiti terminology) by changing the font in the logo.

And that's how I knew The Zuck wasn't spying on me; a hacker was.

The End.

Credits: my image "Reboot" from 2000-somewhen. Title from a Jim Morrison poem SHUT UP the Lizard King rules.

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