Saturday, February 4, 2012

Graphic Art Consulting! I Do That Now.

Remember that big art announcement I promised? This is it. [Yes, Finally.]

I'm very excited to announce that I'll be working with Elizabeth Damewood Gaucher and the rest of the team at Longridge Editors, LLC. Longridge offers a variety of services to writers, bloggers, poets, and people who publish things of all sorts. From the Longridge site:

"You are looking for the right person to help you develop a persuasive case statement, prepare a manuscript for publication, or edit a complex document. You need some help navigating the world of blogging and social media but you’re not sure you have the time or the patience to get started and then keep it going. Some days you just wish there were someone you could trust to review and polish the written materials in your life, be they newsletters, proposals, or websites." I'll be creating graphics for print and web, developing book layouts, and any other jobs needing an artsy eye.

I can't gush enough about how talented Elizabeth is, and how jazzed I am to work with her. She writes the blog Esse Diem, and tweets @ElizGaucher. You can meet the rest of the Longridge team here, and hook up with us at LinkedIn, and read the Longridge blog here. Elizabeth includes great writing and publishing tips there, including this great structural writing method.

If this weren't fabulous enough news, my first project is developing a chapbook for one of West Virginia's most ass-kickingly fantastic poets, Crystal Good. It's an amazing collaboration. Her works are very audio-oriented, performance is where she shines. We're using text very aggressively to translate the cadence to visual rhythm. In other words, I am in font lust design heaven. Here are @cgoodwoman's tweets, and here's a performance by the astounding Crystal:


  1. YAY!!!!!!!

    This is an awesome step!!!!!! I'm do excited for you!

    (And I love that you're working on poetry! Yay!!!!!)

  2. Heidi, you do Longridge Editors LLC and our mutual clients the honor with your willingness to work with us. Even when, you know, we are too stodgy for our own good.....we need you!