Thursday, February 16, 2012

Open letter poem to many friends

I remember you and sweetness is a flood like sugar on my tongue. Maybe a sting of citrus, or tart like raspberry. Never lovers, the possibility was better than the doing.

Your colors are like sun so bright in my eyes that tears gather them spill.

Your photographs still my heart as if you stopped all time when you caught that moment - light only you could see.

I dream of your family as if they were my own. So familiar once and now a stranger I feel I should learn again.

I want to be in another life for just a moment- you laugh and I want to lean in and smell your hair.

I want to run away with you on the road, notes for smiling, knowing husbands left with refrigerator magnets. We would drink cheap beers and drive loud, fast cars and leave laughter roaring behind us with the exhaust on the highway.

You are like one half of my soul. I knew when I met you but confused the reason.

You are family, same as DNA. Absolute fixed truth.

You are sheer delight in knowing; languages written on your skin like me.

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