Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Peaks at Work in Progress: Logo and Book Cover

I'm attempting an art blitz day with annoying car drama harshing my mellow with mundane stuff. Here's where I am with ongoing visual jams:

These are the logo and color choices for the Doctor Her blog. I'm hoping the site template will come together & go live soon.

Here is the front half of the poetry book for the fabulous Crystal Good:
...And I'm also doing layout for a program for the Children's Therapy Clinic's Night With The Stars. This is the legendary Oscars viewing party that gets me in a formal dress each year. Tickets are still available- come party with me! [CTC logo by Charles Ryan & Associates, watercolor Facebook Page icon by me.]

MORECOFFEENOW! Have a great day, and hug a graphic designer today...heh.

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