Thursday, February 16, 2012

Threasure Nest Thursday: BEATLES

Yes, I did have treasures to post Tuesday, but there's been other stuff going on. Stuff involving payment for working with treasures, and for the pretty-making.

But now it's Thursday, and it was art-and-blog day, broken up by a lunch out with Roadblock, who is responsible for technically optimizing every note of music in Charleston and for reminding me several times a week on Facebook that I haven't been up past nine since 2006. Because I've never heard of ANY of the bands playing around town.

Related: they do not have coffee at Deli-Fresh. You'll instead have to drink two gallons of sweet iced tea then forget to pee because you are showing your geek buddy your Lego Darth Vader keychain and omgitlightsupEVEN and by the time you get home you'll be in agony. All because delis don't have coffee. And that is because you're carrying a concentrated piece of cyborg evil with you everywhere.

But tea contains caffeine and can help a newly regenerated time lord with the residual energy burst [Yes, agreed: Too much. I scratched it out.] so then you fire up the ol' Blogger and oops you are three million words in and haven't even posted the photos of the fantastic treasures. Oh, caffeine. I love you so.


beatles 45s: holy CATS!

I found these in a box of stuff I brought home from my Grandma's when we cleaned out her place. They were mom's or Aunt Pea's. We have no record player, so I'm going to frame them. It's Hey Jude & Revolution and Day Tripper & We Can Work it Out.

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