Friday, March 9, 2012

Favorite Things Fridays: Who's Your Favorite Artist?

I mention Frida Kahlo most often, but she's really my spiritual, process guru. The artist whose work touches me deepest, who speaks to me on a visceral level, who helped merge my feminism, spirituality, and artistic intent, is Kiki Smith. I love this Flash gallery of Smith's work at MoMa.

Above: Gorgeous Moon Goddess sent to earth to teach us printmaking and sculpture, and to celebrate our innards.
Credit: unknown but seems to have originated at MoMa?
I had the opportunity to hold some of her bronze Jersey Crow sculptures, and it must have been exactly what a religious pilgrim feels upon touching relics of the saints.

Yeah, actually I call her Saint Kiki.
Here is some more of her incredible body of work. And: body. Yes. A great deal of her work is a physically, bloody (even shitty) celebration of our strange, wonderful flesh. But then effortlessly she dances to the stars with lacy sugary celestial art and then comes back to earth in the body of a deer, wise with untold fairy tales.

Pee Body

The Carrier

Red Moon

Glass Sperm that I hung a clipping of in my High School locker, thinking only that "Hey, Sperm are very pretty. And I am EDGY and hot for I have a spermlocker." The image wasn't credited. Found it was Smith's deep into a term paper on her work in college:D

Who speaks your art language? Painters, poets, musicians, bloggers? Who turns that brain on? 

Link bomb me- let's have a love in.


  1. I once had a massive epiphany/ out of body experience of total awesomeness in front of "Starry Night" (no not that one) by Edvard Munch (sp?). And yet, none of his other works speak to me at all. The scream? No.

    I hesitate to admit it, but I love Georgia O'Keefe with a burning passion; I've seen maybe 4-5 of her paintings in real life and they're amazing (ditto with all the Kahlo paintings I've seen, really).

    And the inpressionists. Oh how I love inpressionism.

    But the most recent fall to my knees weeping in front of a painting was Guernica. I had *no clue* it would hit me that way. I thought it would be over-loved, the way the Mona Lisa is, and make me feel cynical and snooty. No. It was awe-filled. I hope you can see it in person one day. (It lives in Madrid.)

    I know my art tastes are rather populist/ not broad bc I haven't ever studied art, not really (I mean painting/ fine arts) but that's me. I love Monet's water lilies. And the neo-raphealites. And expressionism. I'm a romantic when it comes to art, I think.

    And photography: I don't think I've ever scratched the surface yet. I loved Ansel for my entire life, Arbus. But the crazy surreal and focus-weird photographers that really get me, those I don't know so well (to be able to name without looking up - hi I'm on my iPod touch!). But they're there and I love them.

    Let's not get into music or dance or poetry or writing today, it'll just make this comment more long winded and not give us anything to discover next week!
    Art is awesome. <3

  2. Oh, I imagine seeing Guernica in Spain would be unbearably intense. I love Munch- his Madonna is my favorites:) I'm totally with you on the expressionists.

    O'Keefe just leaves me feeling meh. Her colors and gentle technique feel passion-less to me. I want blood, sweat, and Kahlo! Hehe. I'm so in love with knowing you've experienced so much art! Wonderful opportunities!