Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Strange Beauty in the Mathematics of Decay

Somebody loves titling doodles far, far too much. This is an idea to draw a human skull in a Golden Mean Rectangle- the kind of supposedly perfect proportion inside which fits my beloved Fibonacci spiral. I think I'll print a bunch of the rectangle template and do several versions, like with the graph paper obsession.


  1. Hey I don't think so that this pic is a beauty of mathematics in fact its so horrible except teeth I am not getting any think and maths is not so horrible also.

  2. I'm pleased you enjoyed the teeth:)

    This is an idea for a finished piece drawing a skull within the proportions of The Golden Mean, a ratio developed by ancient Greek mathematicians (often drawn as a rectangle) and thought to be the pinnacle of beauty. Much of their art, and art throughout history, is composed using the concept. The "Fibonacci spiral" is a visual graph of the sequence of numbers discovered by Fibonacci- as a maths person you may be familiar with him. When over-laid, the Fibonacci spirals perfectly correspond with the Golden Mean.

    These numbers are present in a staggering number of places in nature. I want to present the skull, symbolizing both death and human anatomy, as subject to the same mathematics of nature. "Strange beauty" references that though our culture fears death and often maligns the flesh, they are as natural and inevitable as mathematics.

    I ADORE mathematics, despite performing horribly with actual equations (I have discalculia) so I stick to the words & pictures and let the numbers sneak in when they will.