Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Treasure Nest- Tardy!

The photos were taken on Tuesday, but I failed to post them here. It was a day of wack. Busy, emotional, and generally frantic. To find my bohemian center, I spent a few minutes with Jamie, the Outer Space Goddess who owns Collage on Quarrier Street.

I tried on some yummy Cat's Eyes. On loan for a fashion show. No awesome for me, but I maxed out my vintage glasses karma already.

She modeled her new outrageous head bands.

I bought one.

Then she noticed my iPhone snapshot addiction and made me join Instagram right there.
She held my hand when the handle daisybones was taken. I'm daisyb0nes.

Then the sccary bunnies wouldn't stop staring and I had to leave.

Above: pure, refined terror.


  1. Those glasses ARE yummy, are they at Collage?

    Do NOT fear the bunnies, sweet Souster. They are adorbs.

  2. Perfect for target practice!! I'm going to assume they were just too expensive for that.