Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Treasure Nest Tuesday: Buddha Monkey Love?

Friday I had an awful horrible no good sorta day. I was muddling about sorting shoes in the basement at Past & Present. In the bottom of a crumpled cardboard box of old sandals, I saw this sweet, gleaming charm. It was Buddha! I got weepy, because when I find shiny Buddha in a box of dusty shoes, I am a Believer in the Divinity of All the Things.

When I was photographing the charm, my Buddha looked a little like a monkey to me.

And this is a whole new layer of awesome. Because of Quiddity and The Art and other things drawing me to the point that you must read The Great and Secret Show, by Sir Clive Barker.

He's only knighted in my head, but he deserves it sheerly on the excellence of The Books of Blood, the conception of Pinhead, and Harry D'Amour's tattoos.

No, wait... LOOK at it. It's a monkey. It's a forcibly-evolved monkey who drank the Nuncio and became Quasi-God then came to trick me into thinking I found Buddha in a box of shoes.

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