Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey, Girl

...and boy. I think there're one or two males who brave the PMDD thought-circles and crises of the No That Bitch DID NOT copy my vagina art and pass it off as hers variety. Or his. Again, with the gender equ...

Whatever: Hey y'all.

From a Tumblr full o' Nate.

I've been all not up in your internet because I've been in a Place of Suck, and from that place good creativity cometh not. From that place- the place of anachronistic asthma attacks leading up to bronchitis and sinusitis, paired with a ridiculously busy and worried work week after which my sciatica and hip/back pain decided to go full-on medieval on my ass- from that place? This place?

Nothing pretty.
Nothing even darkly comical or I'm-slaughtering-my-demons insightful.
From this place I have sown a new game of pharmaceutical roulette (with Neurontin) and an appointment with an actual psychiatrist. Interestingly, the Neurontin, intended for my nerve pain, seems to be helping my anxiety. My shrink may be pleased and just say, Carry on.

Meanwhile, I have ten minutes tops of sitting time and I have spent them. Good day and Browncoats Forever and such.

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