Friday, April 13, 2012

Sick Girl

I'm quitting life for three days. Well, 2 1/2. My back is recovered from this last speed bump, and now I've come down with bronchitis and sinusitis. I'm resting my lungs and bones, and my voice is gone as well. My bed seems the place to be.

I get annoyed at being The Sick Girl. I had acute asthma or sinus infections approximately 63% of my childhood and oh, let's say 22% of my adult life. Going vegetarian helped a bit, and I'm betting that going dairy free will do wonders.

I think the asthma seems to correlate with some compromised immunity, but my constant stress level is probably the most damaging. It's hard to say there's one cause.

I hate being the one who catches every virus and germ, and people who have perfect work or school attendance baffle me. It's draining to feel physically poor, but I also feel somehow weak as if my character is flawed because I'm sick a lot.

For now the prescription is rest and cough syrup, antibiotics and acidophilus to prevent the nasty, and breathing treatments.

Using the nebulizer is a sense trigger. I've used it so rarely as an adult that it always evokes sweet memories. Mom and Dad would get up together late at night when the attacks hit, and set up the machine in our wooden dining table. I'd hold the mouthpiece and the rhythmic drone of the machine would quickly regulate my scared-little-girl breathing.

When the medicine was gone, Mom or Dad would clean and pack up the equipment and the other parent would listen to me talk a blue streak- the albuterol made me so hyper. My face would be numb from the vibrations and I'd still be lightheaded from the drugs and the attack.

They'd hang out with me until I finally could go to sleep. Eric, who can sleep through an atomic blast, would never wake up. It was like a little grown up treat, up late with my parents and feeling so great in comparison to the frightening times before the treatment.

I'm so glad I outgrew the severe asthma, but it pops up sometimes to remind me it's there. This morning, I used the nebulizer and Molly thought it was the coolest thing ever. She also wishes she had a "cool little funny arm".

So now I'm off to nap until her school bus returns my sweet kid with her healthy lungs and ten very fine fingers.


I learned something completely wonderful at the doctor's office, but it deserves it's own post. It is NOT a pregnancy, by the way.

Be healthy my bleaders, and have a gorgeous weekend.

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