Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Upcoming Art Tasks

A while back, an art blogger I adore told me she enjoyed my to-do list posts. She said it was interesting to see what a little life-snapshot looks like. I've always loved art process posts, so as I learn to be a more intentional, professional, and productive art seller, I'm enjoying writing it. It also helps to make me more accountable.

So here are the things I know I need to do, the things I need to learn, and whatever other tasks arise. I'll highlight my priorities for my own benefit. Those items I need to wrap up for a possible show in July. (w00t!)

  • Finish current design client work
  • Check in with N. about July art show on Capitol Street for ArtWalk
  • Plan reasonable amount of new work, framing and display design
  • Score hard street drugs for to stand up for a few hours at the reception. Remember to schedule rest before the opening.
  • Upload the rest of my digital prints to my Etsy shop.
  • Revise all my listing titles at Etsy
  • Create reproductions of my best drawings- these sell well, according to a friend who works at Etsy.
  • Design better graphics and split up design services for
    • Etsy package- banner, icon, thank you graphic, etc.
    • Facebook cover banner
    • Google+ cover banner
    • Blog header graphic
    • Twitter background
    • Logo design
    • Business Card design
    • Full ID package
  • Buy a Facebook ad
  • Buy some Etsy ad spots
  • Create schedule of Etsy times to renew
  • Decide about Cafe Press plans, & compare to others like Zazzle
  • Redesign my blog, Facebook cover
  • look at other artists, especially art sales on Etsy, as opposed to wearables, crafts
  • look more carefully at Jessica Gonacha Swift's marketing and base-building. She's incredible. Do look at her fun, gorgeous work.
  • get WV specific info for registering new business (we're dissolving the old photo/web development biz)

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