Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Beautiful, Remarkable Dog Life

She went rock climbing, white water rafting, and horseback riding. She was Shane's only roommate while he lived in a Chevy van and tent beside the New River. She could follow directions a dog shouldn't have understood. 

When she and Shane met me and my cats, she immediately accepted Shade and Spider as siblings. She and Shade had a special bond, and they'd groom each other and Dharma slept in a crescent moon of warm, black fur around Shade's gray circle. Shade was in love, often weaving around her legs and following her in her yard strolls. 

Despite her brilliance, she never got the gist of fetch, and we'd have to take ages to coax the well-earned ball or stick out of her mouth to throw it again.

The moment I conceived my Mollybird, she followed me constantly with the sweetest protection instinct. She slept at the foot of my bed, and at my side if Shane was traveling. The photo here shows her nuzzling her littlest person. 

We're all still in the wake of grief, expecting to see her in her bed, where there's now a loudly empty patch of floor. When the neighbors' dogs' barks come in through the windows, my heart clenches. We still walk down the stairs carefully to avoid her in case she scooted up against the landing. Coming home is the hardest, still thinking she'll be here with a greeting. Even at the end, she'd struggle up onto her front legs to welcome us. In that moment, when we're confronted with her absence, the house feels forever changed.  

Molly began the new puppy campaign yesterday, and we explained that it will be a while before Mama can handle a new dog. (I'll update about my health tomorrow after I go over the new MRI with my neurologist.) Shane talked about waiting for a dog to choose us, and I loved him so much in that moment my sad heart welled up full with comfort. 

She was incredible, and she lived the most wonderful dog life. Irreplaceable, unmatched, completely delightful. Our Dharma.

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