Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Skelly Sketch and a Gratuitous Mother Daughter Rant

A drawing for the anatomy series. Enjoy while I drink coffee by the gallon, race against time, and remember that I have to take breaks for the actual spine. Which is a bunch of bandersnatch because in The Flow time is supposed to stop but I have to make it stay real and that can go peacock itself and kiss my jabberwocky. Hem... Molly has declared my vocabulary NC-17 and is insisting I invent alternate curses. Off with her head & so forth. Bossy little creature. Wee Red Queen...

I think she's a teenager. She's fucking zarking six! Anne from Tree of Life and the hollow (who is today Saint Anne for taking my child out for sunlight and things) tells me that girls have mini-puberties throughout growth and just- wow. Yeah. I'm actually reminded of mom and myself when we lived together as adults. We blamed it on Astrology. Two alpha Aries females, horns locked in furious battle for the remote control. The X Files- how she loathed them. And my Scully crush was inconceivable. Women crushes? Whatever, gross... but a stick up her ass skeptic? Not for her daughter.

But my Bird is a Gemini, like her Pop, and I've strayed from faith in star magic except when I haven't. Like Solstice! Today! And me in my dark house... We'll do circle tonight, my girl and I, for the short summer night and fireflies and glow in the dark bubbles and thank you Goddess for myth and science and little, spinning, wild girls.

Also: see link below and help a struggling art mama.

& BREATHING. Coffee. REST. Drawing.

That is all.

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