Friday, July 13, 2012

I am a Voice of the Valley

Gregg Oxley and I made an appearance- no, not with the visual- a guest spot? Anyway, we recorded a brief conversation with Ric Cochran and Larry Groce for Voice of the Valley to air Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. on V100. Listen to 'Voice' online at, if you're wont to be awake at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morn. You'll soon be able to like the show officially on the Facebook, as I volunteered to make a page for the show. I've spent a whole of about 40, 50 minutes with Ric in my life, but I have mad love for this guy. If there were a word that meant the daughter end of a paternal feeling, only without making him sound old, I'd have that. Follow him on Twitter, where he posts haiku that are often a bright little twinkle in my day.

Anyway, Megan was busy at the lab printing the best photos in the state at PPS, so Gregg and I were there to discuss the BODY show and the Charleston Artwalk. I'm afraid I sounded like an arrogant ass, and then I went on a ramble plugging every shop within two miles of Capitol Street, but I did at least remember to sing the praises of Megan's work. I'm extra super flaky these days, what with the colorful chemical cocktail it takes to keep my pain and brain at functional levels.

And I 'Instagram'd' this cute mini jukebox and called it a radio, and my Dad called me out on my Facebook page, and I pleaded 'stoned' and it was all very distracting fun and why AM I NOT DRAWING RIGHT NOW?

1. Listen Sunday,
2. Come by Thursday,
and warm love to all who've supported the show with money, time, babysitting, art making, idea bouncing, narcotic prescribing, or space hosting. I'm feeling the love like oceans full right now:)

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