Friday, July 6, 2012

The Storm, The Wedding, and a Hat

Friday night we were at The Walnut Room at the Bridge Road Bistro, enjoying an incredibly yummy menu after the rehearsal for Coleman's and Meredith's wedding. Coleman is my beloved cousin and soulbrother, and they are my favorite couple ever.

During dinner, Shane ran to shut up the van against an ugly storm cloud, and then the power promptly went off. The tables were candle lit, the staff was amazing, and we ate in the dim romance with live music. I pointed out the gorgeous lightning bolts to an increasingly tired Molly, hoping to lay a foundation of bravery if she went to the frightened place. She's awesome with storms, but as mentioned was sleepy and has been pretty tantrum-y when tired lately.

We had to leave just as Coleman was going to do a Neil Gaiman reading, which made me cranky, and I consider my decision to bail with Molly before reading a shining moment of Mommy Martyrdom. The drive home shocked me- fallen trees blocked two routes home, and by the third try I was really nervous-bitchy. My phone still muted from the rehearsal, I missed Shane's worried calls, nearly sending him into a panic. (We'd had to meet up there after he left work earlier in the day.)

After dosing Molly with a bit of melatonin and me with two bits of Valium, we slept in the cool dark, lulled by wind and rain. Next morning, still without electric, we scouted out for food. Landed at a Cracker Barrel, and joked (it never gets old with us) about how this was an apocalypse drill. Then we ate a lovely breakfast- they have yogurt with granola now!

Then we tried to find ice at ten thousand stores, gave up, and raced home. I still had to decorate Molly's flower girl hat (with no hot glue!) and get us ready did the wedding. There was power at the church and the bridal party's hotel, thank the fates. We left early so I could pretty us up at the church. Shane and Molly were remarkably patient. Then her "Aunt" Nell and cousin Mary made it in. I tortured Nell with my aggressive hair styling until I had pity and quit, and we played and were girly while adoring the lovely ladies- one of the attendants had The Most Kickass Spine Tattoo EVER.

Then they got married, and I cried like I do because LOVE!!! It is so *sniffle* BEAUTIFUL. It was my very favorite wedding and reception ever. Geekery woven into elegant prettiness, and I thought Mert was going to levitate she was so dazzlingly happy. It was sweet young gorgeous pure love exploding all over, and with a Beatles cover band. We took adorable photobooth family group silly shots: Viking Shane, Wacky Molly, Pirate Mama. There was smoked salmon and great hummus. And an open bar. Ultimate win.

Sunday night we got back our power, then awoke to web access the next morning, though both have been spotty. I've got a thousand hours of art to do, but this is my official record of the great Wrath of Nature vs. Appalachia Battle of 2012, and the dearest wedding.

Blessings to my sweetpea Coleman and my sweetpea-in-law Mert, and to all my dear mountain folk still without water or power.

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