Thursday, August 30, 2012

Frost Giant Ombré Hair Update

I've been asked a lot about my 'do lately. I'm rocking a medium blue with a sort of frosty lavender. I have no secret hair magic, and in no way would I attempt an ombre look on hair this short.

I'm just between cut and color time, and me (and every nurse, cashier, and moms of my social circles agree: My grown out hair is cooler than fresh hair. The frosty pale color is just what I didn't dye last time because at that time that chunk of hair was far more blue as it's longer & had been bleached more. No tricks:) This is just Splat Blue Envy faded.

I recommend it much as far as bright unnatural colors go. (And I'm not paiD to review it or anything.) It stays true much longer than Manic Panic, and I feel like a heretic, having been a Tish & Snooky devotée since about 19. Anyway, the downside to Splat's staying power is that it will NOT wash off skin without punishing your skin with scrubbing. It's not labeled vegan, but it does have the vaguely comforting "This product not tested on animals" statement. I fear this usually means that the parent company does engage in the practice. I haven't compared ingredients against Manic Panic, but it seems that Splat has more polysyllabic chemicals.

Also, the proper brand name, I think, is 'Splat!' but I felt a bit silly, so there.


  1. That is an awesome color! I wish i had the guts to have a fun hair color.

  2. Just go for it:) I learned a tip from a friend who has to be more conservative at work: She just did the under layer and wore her hair down at work. I love playing with the wild hair, but it gets kind of tiring after a while, too. Very, VERY high maintenance.