Monday, August 20, 2012

New Palette: Zombie Pallor

On the title page of my 2012 sketchbook I declared it the Year of the Dragon ZOMBIE. It's a specific thing: The strike through is necessary to recognize that dragons are excellent creatures, and the Dragon Years are my years. (Born in 1976.) This particular year, though, the Zombie has superseded its fellow mythical monster because we are ridiculously, dorkily amused by the apocalypse predictions for the year. I speak for myself here, technically. Although I say We, Shane refuses to admit the unlikelihood of actual reanimated hordes unless Molly's in earshot. It's all very cute. It's Our Thing, the zombies. One of our things- like Firefly and LOTR and Buffy and Van & Jim Morrison.

I'm working on re-stocking my Etsy shop with the formerly lost files, and I realized I hadn't made a new  banner in ages, and that my online design identity is as inconsistent as possible. So I'm redoing my stuff, and as usual I started with a palette. Since it's Halloween season (in my head, because when Molly starts back to school it's time and because I stubbornly insist on having a Halloween Season to compete with the nauseating clusterfuck that is a months-long orgy of Consumer Christmas) and because it's TYOTDZ, I give you the Zombie Pallor color palette. Blood, of course, offsets the cartoon green and the SickDeadFace green-grays.

Enjoy, and remember to double-tap. Check out the shop this evening, or click through now and sign up for an announcement email when I reopen.

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