Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thursday Night is for Charitable Drinking! (And Mountain Paintings)

This Thursday, at Vandalia Grille, Children's Therapy Clinic's kicking off their High Heel Hike at a Happy Hour and Silent Auction. I was thrilled to hear that the auction was separate from the walk the following day, this Friday. I'm much more qualified to show up, sit down, and do some social drinking. I'm offering up the two paintings seen at your left, and you can come by and bid on them and other wonderful prizes.

CTC is my old "home," the place where I worked when I became a mom, and my first job after graduating from college. Both the staff and the families we supported there were so much like my own family. Therapists at CTC treat a variety of conditions to help kids with speech and communication, physical challenges, and adapting to injuries and congenital problems of all kinds. Their Autism Socialization program has been on the cutting edge for kids on the spectrum in WV and as the incidence of ASD rises in the area, so does the clinic's need.

I'm working on an upcoming piece for another children's charity for September. I'll be posting about that soon. Click through to CTC's Happy Hour event for details. Cheers!

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