Monday, September 17, 2012

Design Evolution: WV Tee for Collage

Jamie Miller owns Collage, an art & vintage shop in downtown Charleston, WV. And she's one of my besties. She asked me to design a t-shirt for an idea she had. She wanted the words "The State I'm In" in a handwritten font inside an outline of our home state. I loved the previous design evolution posts (a logo, a street art project) so I took some snaps along the way to share.

First I traced the WV outline, using my old laptop screen as a lightbox, and warning Molly never, ever to do that. Our printer's out of ink, so my usual high tech 'Tape it to a Window' lightbox technique was unavailable. Then I "sculpted" the lines to thicken and Heidi-fy it.

I took the state shape to Macromedia Fireworks, looked at some fonts, and played with texturing the state with some scribbles in case the outline looked puny. I sent her a first round of comps:

She liked the outline best, and wanted #2 but all inside the state, so that was our final look for a couple of days. After sleeping on it, she sent me some new ideas.

So we had a new font, then she wanted a small red heart, which added a sweet Jamie-ness. I found a free clip heart, then chose the black pixels with the magic wand and converted the marquee (not a design nerd? It's a sorta flickery outline you see when you select part of an image) to a vector. I filled it with red then skewed the points and curves so it was less perfect.

And now we have a happy Art Shop Mama and a happy doodly blogger designer, and soon, Collage will have new tees!

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