Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Road Trip Recovery

I'm still in bed from our road time this past weekend. We knew that driving, even to the grocery store, is a horrible trigger for my leg pain, but we weren't sure how riding along would be. The passenger time this trip was more comfortable during the drive than expected, but after coming home it's been a rough week. I was able to get some sleep last night at last, though.

The weekend was great. We were able to see a bit of the Vanderbilt area of Nashville, which was gorgeous. We had brunch at The Pancake Pantry and then I got my '8' anniversary tattoo at Icon. Ryan was the artist- his portfolio is amazing although my piece is really simple. We met online friends in person for the first time and had a fabulous visit.

I'm too exhausted to write, and my head is pounding, but I missed the blog. Later this week I'll try to upload a few photos and write um... better. Then I'll get back in the creative flow with new art plans. Happy Wednesday.

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