Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting My Sea Legs and My Batman Snuggles

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Have you ever wondered how long it would take to forget what pain feels like? It had never occurred to me, either, but apparently the answer is four days. That's how long I had the trial spinal cord stimulator installed. Although I'd made up my mind by day three that I'd definitely proceed with the permanent device, I didn't anticipate what I'd experience after the trial was removed. It was a bit of a shock when the pain I've lived with as a constant was relieved almost entirely then returned just a few days later, and the pain that had been a given floored me. The last couple of days have been intense. I've needed more medication and rest and ice and felt a little disoriented. The pain and the sort of retreat it demands are very isolating, and it was strange how easily I'd shed that feeling.

During the trial, I visited a lot with my neighborhood soulmates Anne and Mike and their kids and sat at dinner tables without ice packs and pillows. I changed a baby's diaper and let Molly snuggle on my lap. I flirted and laughed and learned the tech of the stimulator with Shane and generally had a long weekend of beautiful almost-perfection. I still had some limits but the trial was very close to a vacation from pain. It'll be a few weeks before the surgeon can install the permanent stimulator, so it may be yet another Halloween missed, which is a deep sadness. However, by the time the loathsome and vile Christmas season pukes snow and price tags all over my Solstice mellow, I should be able to bitch while shopping for black and red ruffles and purple sparkling stuff for the goth punk miniature girl.

While I wait for my electronic savior to revisit, allow me to show you my fun weekend:

Here we have Mike, who is a chick magnet, only those chicks are under seven, usually demanding snacks, and at least one of them is probably dropping a deuce on his lap.

Here is the moment when I won over the Phoebster, who tends to adore Shane while pointedly ignoring me. It's fitting that she was dressed as my favorite dark hero when she decided I was snuggle worthy.

Here is Phoebe's usual demeanor when I'm around, although her sisters and Molly were obviously happy to be photographed in their dress-up regalia. However, a couch full of girl is really wiggly, and this is the best photo I could get.

And this is the battery pack I'm going to be sporting in my ass cheek with the wires that will deliver happy shocks to my cranky, old, crooked spine. I'll have a freakin' wireless remote control. For my ass. Technology is sublime.

I have to do some life stuff now, while my legs are mostly obedient, but later I'll be digging into more sketches and getting back into my daily drawing groove on my Instagram feed. I'm doing The Sketchbook Project again for 2013, and those will be my daily doodles. I loved my 2011 project, but last year I surrendered to my lack of being able to sit longer than five minutes.

Here's hoping the art of 2013 will be far less opiate fueled than the art of now. There should be a Chasing the Dragon + Year of the Dragon 2012 joke but I'm too high to write it. Also I'm not technically on opium and I don't know how stretchy that metaphor can be. Submit your own. Or don't make light of highly addictive drugs. Whatever. Pain bad, pharmaceuticals good.

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