Monday, October 15, 2012

Trial Spinal Cord Stimulation

I'm on the last full day of my trial, and it's really the second day I've felt like I'm gathering actual usable data. The first two days my insertion points (the electrical leads go in through epidural needles) were really sore and getting used to the huge clunk of the battery pack was a challenge.

Now I'm able to separate the annoyances about the bulky trial unit from the sensations related to the actual current. I think it's a huge help, and Shane and my friends are really impressed. It's definitely improving measurable abilities- I'm sitting and standing longer, dramatically. The nerve pain is almost completely treated. I'm sleeping better, which is making my muscles much happier.

Tomorrow I get the trial removed and as soon as I'm healed up they can install the real, long-term stimulator. I'm really happy with the decision. It's the first treatment that's showing unquestionable benefits. The weekend's been a lot of fun, relaxed time. We took Molly to the park with our neighborhood besties, and I made breakfast- including cleaning up, shockingly.

Molly's had a four day weekend, so I've been mostly in mama and family mode and I have stories and drawings that need attention but I'm officially allowing myself time to be in body mode.

Part of what I'm processing for writing is more about my condition, including the reproductive part I've never written about in detail.

I'm hoping the curiosities part of body writing will overtake the pain theme.

Have a beautiful October my friends.

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