Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unique Variation: My Interview is Live at The Daily Mail

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I was unable to sleep last night. Usually if I can fall asleep I can stay happily unconscious until morning- a lovely gift from the medication for my nerve pain. But last night/this morning I woke up at 1am and was painful and restless. I pinned and apparently tweeted (I was told to go to sleep by a friend at 2:30) and I texted a night owl friend for a while. Next thing I remember the first of two alarms was going off- I decided to skip the "take pain meds and get ice pack alarm" but apparently I really turned off the "wake up and get Bird ready for school" alarm, because we totally overslept the bus. Dad couldn't be late for work, and I can't drive today, so Molly's taking a home school day. [For real- our besties home school and we often hang out doing smarty fun things. We are definitely going to do that. We are certainly not sitting around watching Mythbusters. But if we were- Science! Great parenting.]

Once we were fully awake, I looked to see if The Daily Mail was out- it's up at this link. Molly snuggled up to me as we read it online together. The quotes from my Dad and Aunt Pam made me alternately choke up and laugh. I'd forgotten about Dad switching the brakes on my first ten speed bike. I love the writing so much- Monica captured our talk so well. The interview felt like new friends catching up on life stories. I'm surprised how much of my own writing she included. It's odd to see my quirky, metaphor-dripping poetry?prose? style on a newspaper site. I was thrilled with Monica's title, and thought her term 'unique variation' was really beautiful. Then reading the article I found that I actually used that in my blog post, and that cracked me up a bit.

Reading her story, the feeling I had when that lovely doctor pointed me at a diagnosis flooded me again. Since publishing that post here and at Band Back Together, I've had such support and understanding. It's so cool that people get how much a diagnosis means to me. Monica came up with a good parallel: She compared it to an adopted child learning about their biological family.

Thanks so much to The Daily Mail and to the darling Monica Orosz. She's covered so much art and culture in Charleston and is simply a fantastic lady. Thanks to Dad and Pam and my darling lost Mama for guiding me through life so very well. The story strikes me with how lucky I've always been to have such support. They are the pillars I've used to build my life. Without that foundation, I wouldn't be me.

I really, really love you guys. Thanks doesn't even begin to convey the gratitude and love I feel, but thanks.

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