Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Treasure Nest

I was quite excited about the triumphant return of Treasure Nest Tuesday. I'd received a wonderful package in the mail from Suzy, a dear friend in Pittsburgh, of jewelry bits. I'd also found a gorgeous antique book of the Freemasons, which was bound so beautifully I couldn't pass it up. I thought of making altered book art or giving it to a certain loved one who's a Mason.

Deciding that the book and an old scarf would make a beautiful display for the baubles, I set up a very pretty little vignette and snapped away, and while I was shooting, I noticed an itchy nose. I'd pause and scratch, then pause to sneeze, and then I got the itchy throat.

I may not have written this absurdity here, but I'm allergic to paper. PAPER. Yes. Usually it shows itself as a bit of extra redness around a paper cut, or in a room with filing cabinets opening and closing a lot, I might sneeze a bit.

But this book, with its lovely yellow paper with browned edges (probably combined with a huge population of dust mites) caused a huge, dramatic allergy and asthma attack. After two attempts to get my lungs open with my inhaler, I dragged out the nebulizer and did a long treatment. My throat was still itching, my eyes were watering and swollen, and so I crunched up and ATE several Benadryl, then grabbed my EpiPen and prayed to the Old Dusty Book Gods that I would not have to stab myself in the leg.

I didn't. I ended up crushing more Benadryl into warm water and gargling with it. (Only marginally less horrid than thigh-stabbing, I'm guessing.) That finally got me breathing well and un-swollen.

Of course, I passed out gloriously for a couple of hours after the albuterol crash and the Benadryl sedation.

The book is hidden away in the studio where Shane can go get the cursed thing sent away.

But at last, here is my lovely jewelry haul from dearest Suzy Mae. I let Molly pick one item because she was dazzled, and I made her the little skully necklace as a mama-love charm the day I got my trial implant. The bat makes me smile, because they're Miss Suzy's old favorite- she has a tiny bat tattooed in her ear. I'm looking forward to making jewelry like mad when my spine upgrade's all healed. (They're getting all the paperwork settled now.)

OK; shutting up now- PRETTIES!

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