Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spine Update: The Anomaly Saga Continues

It's now a very old joke between Shane and me that the more statistically rare a medical condition is, the more likely I am to have it. The phocomelia is an obvious example, and within that small number, I'm one of the rare ones with only one limb affected and no mental impairment. I'm also allergic to corn which is a rare food allergy, though most of my other weirdness was eventually explained by the phocomelia diagnosis. It just became funny at some point when it became so predictably ridiculous. When we watched the information video about the spine implant, I asked him to click  to the index so I could see statistics about complications, and he joked, "Do you really want to see how rare those are? Because then you know they'll happen."

So, ha! Rarely, the leads aren't placed in the correct spot and they have to be moved during a second surgery. Those, obviously, would be my leads, in my annoyingly chaos-drawing body. I was able, after originally thinking I'd have to wait, to see the technician yesterday to try to reprogram my implant. It did exactly not jack shit. 

Next Friday the 28th they're going back in to pull the wires down just a tiny bit so the electric leads hit the right nerves. My staples and their itchy bandages have to stay until tomorrow. Meh. 

Meanwhile, the kid has strep and I have another Mythbusters marathon to watch.

May the odds be ever in your favor. 

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