Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Surgery Update

I'm in more pain than yesterday, but we expected that- yesterday was remarkably comfortable; It seemed to be that the local anaesthetic stayed in my backside for quite a while, happily. I slept in my back brace, and I'll have to continue that for at least a few weeks. It was much more comfortable than I'd expected. I had some (annoyingly I must confess user-error) frustration getting the controls operated. The remote is technically wireless, but it's larger than I'd hoped and it's attached to a paddle that I have to place against my skin where the battery is. I surprised myself and opted for the rechargeable battery pack. It's significantly smaller, since it just contains the power-storage cells. I'll have to charge it once a week or so, with the same type of paddle held against the implanted piece. Since it's only a once a week hour or two process I wanted a smaller incision.

I have staples rather than stitches, which Molly's disappointed are hidden beneath bandages. The doctor was proud of himself for avoiding my tattoo, though I'd urged him to ignore it. But an intact tramp stamp is nice, all other things bring equal.

Right now the pulses aren't as wonderful as the trial, but after swelling reduces it'll be reprogrammed, and then a few months later they'll look at it again as I get used to the current. Im having trouble getting them to reach my feet with any strength. Later, if it's absolutely necessary, the leads could be repositioned. The surgeon and the tech operator both agree that they're satisfied they tried every placement they could. Hopefully the tech will sort out when my butt's happier.

Shane's home with me helping me move as carefully as possible and nurse me, which mostly means feeding me and catering to other needs, like advancing our Netflix iPhone-to-TV hook up to the next X-Files episode. It's my current mission to watch the entire series while I'm recuperating.

Have a great week, and I'll hopefully return in a week with Treasure Nest Tuesday. I have sweet plans and a fun thing to photograph.

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