Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mixed Metals {Treasure Nest Rebirth} #ThriftedThursday

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I'm rebranding my Treasure Nest as #ThriftedThursday, because weekends and Mondays are family time and recovery time in my life. See the hot new graphic for Thrifted Thursday? No, you don't because I got work to produce for my Mountain Mama darling and crazy talented poem maker client-muse Crystal Good. So let me show off my shiny and get to work.

I went on an earring raid at Past & Present recently, and in a shocking choice that would stun my high school and college friends, my favorite pair are golden. I was a religious (literally- it was a Wiccan moon thing) silver devotee. My new favorite thing is mixing metals. Sure that's a handy excuse to keep in a silver-tone nose ring, but it's also a sweet little color contrast I love so much I did my makeup with the whole "mixed metallic" idea too.

The earrings:

And the makeup goodness:

The eyes are all e.l.f. from their 1,000,000 color eye palette. (I exaggerate. I think there are 100?) The lipstick is a jumbo lip pencil in Gold from NYX. Mascara is a waterproof black-black from Mary Kay. I loathe the lighting for makeup shots here- it looked much more subtle and pretty in my mirror. I'm surrendering totally to the Paint on My Face addiction, so I probably will play with lighting those shots.

I may actually make the effort to get out the DSLR but my iPhone is so seductive in its being already right here.

So, did you find any secondhand scores this week?
Post it anywhere & tag it #ThriftedThursday.

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