Thursday, February 14, 2013

On the Heart as a Favorite Image

I'm not one to get crazy for a corporate-debased holiday that vomits pink and lace and heterosexuality and consumerism. However, I have come to revere the heart shape as a favorite drawing theme. In years past, my Valentine cards featured an anatomical human heart, as I found them much prettier than the goofy abstracted heart.

Then several years ago, I fell in love with the "cute heart". It was on Halloween, because of course.

I wanted very badly to be a Voudon priestess for Halloween, but it felt exploitive because I didn't know jack shit about the religion. I researched my ass off and became fascinated with the veves, which are sacred glyphs drawn as spells to invoke the lwa, the gods/saints of Voudon.

Erzulie's were my favorite, and I've been in a mad affair with the love lwa ever since. I love her veves, and have used them in my art piece for the Haiti fundraiser after the quake and in about a hundred doodles since. I definitely want to get one tattooed sometime.

Here is my Valentine for Erzulie and for you. Let it bring you passion, warmth, creative power, and amazing sex. Whether you celebrate or don't, let love wrap you and surround you and be in your heart's every beat today.

{Erzulie veve with French quote drawn by me then photographed, processed, and framed by Vintique for iPhone.}

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