Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrifted Thursday: The Best Coat I've Ever Owned, and Wearing a Color that Doesn't Flatter

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This yummy, buttery, golden, amazingly YELLOW coat came from Jamie at Collage. It is my favorite coat, ever. It's also the favorite of everyone who gives it compliments when I wear it, because if you wear pure woven sunshine it makes people happy.

However, I look like sick, washed out hell in yellow. Observe:

"Help! This woman needs a kidney transplant! What? She has
THREE kidneys? I see: It's just the coat."
 My adoration of the color inspired me to hack my wardrobe in a simple way that also brings the cozy: I just wear a scarf that does look good between the yellow and my face. Pretty much any color ever except beige works. For these photos, I wore a red pashmina from YWCA Past & Present.

I think it's much better. Dig it? And because I own a mannequin but not the patience to learn to shoot with an actual camera with a tripod, here is the coat with the scarf in their primary colored beauty:

Yellowest coat! Go shop now- support your local resale boutiques and charity thrift stores. It's so good for your karma, you'll forget you're also buying treats for your wardrobe.

Link love:

Also check out Goldiestarling, YouTube makeup guru whose video below inspired my face look today. Here's her channel and here's her blog.

For those similarly obsessed, here's my take on the red eye shadow look. I have no good lighting for shooting portraits, but natural light is workable. Cheers!

My look is all drug store (but cruelty free) brands. The intense red is Cherry by NYX, with their jumbo lip pencil in Hot Red as a base. (I've used this and their Gold lip pencils on my eyes without trouble- I don't use the same pencil on my lips.) Black sparkle eyeliner by Wet & Wild. The rest is from e.l.f.'s 144 shade eye palette. Lashes are e.l.f. Natural.

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