Sunday, March 31, 2013

Poem Archive, Rounding Up March #365Poems & Poeming into the Now

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Last day of March means the last day of sporadic poem posts. Today's your day- join me in a month of poetry exploring! April is National Poetry Month, and Alexis Yael is guiding me and other writers (from brand newbies to published pros) in daily poem practice with her powerful flavor of mindfulness and wabi-sabi acceptance of "flaws". Sign ups are still open here. I am excited as finally opening my windows to sun-warmed fresh air! Here are my two pieces for the past week. I'll be posting them at the Facebook page, and collecting each week's archive here at the blog.

Story for a Girl

Easter Morning, we have dessert after breakfast.
Chocolate-faced, my girl bounces & dances.
I ask her if she knows
the story— I correct: stories—
of Easter. Her mind wanders with puzzles,
pieces with pagan eggs, the stories of Christ
moving and blending, the definition of fertility.

She's lost in my rambling words and collage of myths.

She lights a spark, and I set to writing her Easter story.
A story for a girl who finds and inspires
magic in every moment. For a girl who finds
wonder in Goddess chants and heaven and
golden light in her Jesus.

For a girl bursting with her own new light,
bright as a wild dawn goddess, shining like angels.
For this girl, who teaches me everyday magic,
I set to create a story weaving together for her
the traditions, many colored,
that make a history and a future.

My wish is for stories, for sweetness and
magic, and for this girl always to find puzzles.
hre 3.31.13


fear of names,
fear of a thing,
& of self:


follow them;
don't run.

find a safe

and explore.
hre 3.29.13

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

#365Poems [Sporadic] Archive Through March 10

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Sun came out,
wind blew through
grasses and bare
branches stirred
and all things breathed.


Bee Song

Be now
Be here
Be with us
all sisters all queens
Be the hive song
The hum of alive beings
Singing seeing one song
Bee the dance
Direction of nourishment
Drink the dance and sun
Spin honey with your
One love
spit beauty like
Jewels from
Fairy tail lips
Tickle yourself with nectar
Carry joy
Seal in the day of sun
And wild color with
Wax, warm with breath fast
from spinning
Dizzy, make wildness
And infinite order together
Weave beauty
Sun drunk on honey
Bee children
Wild in sunlight
Mothers carving cradles
Feeding and frenzied working
Be life
Be home and
gold and sweetness
Be the one
Let's make a hive
Of electric life


On Careful Movement

I wait and movement comes.
Movement comes slowly and I listen.

Slow moving is a kind of quiet.
Nearly silents waters are deep beneath stillness.

Listening to slow quiet is a
lesson as I slowly move deeper.

In the motion slowed with care I move
into myself, and listening I open.

In the careful quiet I learn not
to wait, and with slow care I am moving.