Monday, March 18, 2013

Amazeballz April with Poems and Broccoli

April is one of my favorite months (the other being its opposite/companion October) and this April is so full of fabulous it might be the best ever. My very dear friend Suzy is visiting from Pittsburgh, and then we're traveling south too, down to the Gulf Coast to hook up with other dear friends and celebrate my and our darling lady Bee's April birthdays. This trip includes a night in New Orleans, where I've always wanted to go so badly that the italics were mandatory. When Shane surprised me with that addition to our itinerary, my squeal-shriek approached Molly volume. I'm hoping maybe to get a tattoo of one of my Erzulie vévés while we're there.

I'll get more into the massive amounts of goodness happening this April later I'm committing to a vegan diet with no sugars as a present to myself, and I have three art projects coming up celebrating Earth Day and raising funds for kids with autism. Right now, though, I have a proselytizing mission.

I want to recruit you to poem with me. During April, oh yes,
poem is a verb.

Alexis Yael is offering an e-course combining my two challenges for the year: writing and being present. The title is so amazing it blew my mind before I even read the description. Look:

Poem into the now with us? You don't have to post the poems publicly, and I'm really excited about that aspect, because the publicity of posting to the #365poems stream is hampering me to some degree. There are explorations that I need to write through that I don't want to broadcast. Lexie is driven by the concept of wabi-sabi, which is all about embracing imperfections. She has sworn to me that her mission where I'm concerned is to drive the anxious perfectionist out of me. The wabi-sabi poet will be very well suited to the tentative or new poet, though the project will revitalize and challenge the practices of seasoned writers as well.

Like the 365 project, it's about writing a poem a day. The course includes a solid support structure and a safe community aspect. {It'll be just a month commitment, so don't let me confuse you with my year long participation in the other poem project.}

Read more about Alexis' course and sign up with me. 
APRIL: let's do this thing.

Spring beauty extracted into a gorgeous photograph
by Alexis Yael at

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