Monday, March 25, 2013

Cosplay on my Face: TARDIS Time

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Emma at Being Geek Chic filled me with squee by inviting me to be a Lady Geek of the Week. They're featuring Doctor Who this month, so I created a makeup look based on the colors of the TARDIS. Usually if I have blue hair it means I'm celebrating a day ending in Y, but today I specifically wanted the TARDIS blue on my head. I didn't have a car to pick up my color. I sprayed it with temp color, and holy cats just do not do that. It's smelly and next to impossible to style.

Anyway, I'd been dying to do unnatural colored eyebrows lately, so I matched the bright blue and then created a sort of color block style crease. The boxy shape repeats with the horizontal tail of eyeliner. The interior of the TARDIS features warm colors, so I blended orange and gold into the cheek contour I made with a peachy blush. The lips are a peachy lipstick beneath a Gold NYX jumbo lip pencil.

Here's the look:

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