Friday, March 22, 2013

Onward To Spring! LET'S DO THIS.

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So, I have a new creative theory. The theory has a very Heidi name, but it's a secret for now because it's a part of a new project I'm launching in April. The project is an e-zine, and you can sign up for it below. The mailing list might be the format for the zine itself or if I find a better way to present a visuals-heavy zine (Kindle store? or an e-book creator) I'll use the mailing list to alert you when each issue is available. I'm hoping for a monthly schedule, but the first issue is an experiment.

The zine does have a name: Mama Bones' Electric Mojo Medicine. You may recognize this as the title of a few fizzled projects and (if I "wrote it out loud") the abandoned re-brand of When I realized that what I imagined my email newsletter to be was actually much more a zine, an art piece itself, I immediately realized that the title had been waiting for this idea.
Here is a teaser of visuals for the first issue. It's sketchbook porn. Naked drawings.
My new art theory has a new name and metaphor, but it isn't a new idea per se. What I'm doing is coasting. The engine gets you up the mountain. The engine is working, doing your art. Once you get up that hill, baby, you pop your brainengine in neutral and coast on that momentum. Once you get a solid work flow going, just try to STOP being creative. Not possible even if you wanted to.

but why the hell would you want to?*
*oh. You may have to do your taxes or go to your day job or read your child to sleep.

I have many, many creative things happening in April, and I'd made the choice to wait until May to launch the zine. But the more I sketch & plan & think about the projects, the more material for the zine keeps exploding into being. So I'm riding the wave and coasting my car and mixing my metaphors into a mighty fine gumbo of gooey art. Only not gooey. Maybe metaphor gooey. Rich and yummy at any rate.

I've even begun to flesh out supporting corollary theories to my car downhill in neutral idea. Things to ensure that the creative bursting-blooming is livable, sustainable. Spoonie friendly. Among the reinforcing ideas is a media fast. For this I'm drawing from The Artist's Way experience- Cameron's book includes a week-long fast of no reading or telly. I'm planning on no television or YouTube, Netflix, etc. and limiting reading. I'm selecting blogs and news sites that I want to reconnect with and shifting to a new feed reader (Google is phasing out their Reader, and I want to cry...) and abandoning time-holes that like to eat me, most famously Cracked. Social media will be a scheduled thing with limits, too.

So Amazeballz April approaches, and I need to get back into number crunching mode to try to squeeze this bloody turnip so we can cap off April with a road trip to Baton Rouge & New Orleans!  I've wanted to see NOLA as long as I can remember. My Aunt and my "Aunts" have been in love with it and sharing stories my entire life, and when I read Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches books I became obsessed. More recently I've fallen in love with Voudon culture and I nearly hit the roof with bouncy squee when Shane told me that was on our agenda. Dude cannot keep a surprise, but that's m'dude.

OK. Numbers. I'm doing that.

Be well, and sign up!

----> Click to sign up & load up on Mojo Medicine, not caffeine. Because maybe you can overdose on that shit after maybe the muscles around where you have 13 thoracic vertebrae instead of 12 clenched up while you hypothetically walked Molly to the next bus stop to meet her friend and for narrative purposes let's imagine you took a muscle relaxer and it so you took a theoretical nap and then overcompensated with coffee.

Write with me- I'm Poeming into the Now for National Poetry month. Sign up for Alexis Yael's e-course and let's make pretty words together.

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