Thursday, April 18, 2013

Charleston, WV Artwalk Preview and My Lovely Birthday

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I'm rushing through this post a bit, but I must publish it now. I have a husband returning home in a few hours and a friend visiting from out of state tomorrow, so I need to hurry to make the house look like sane people live here and hide the evidence that when Shane leaves town I transform into a filthy teenage boy squatting inside an explosion of glitter and paint and dishes and clothes.

Yesterday I had a wondrously fun and yummy birthday lunch downtown and went on my own personal art-limp. The Artwalk is tonight, but I'll be in bed recovering from the house rescue, painting like mad, and my strolling adventures yesterday. I wanted to get these photos live ASAP, because it's going to be an amazing night downtown.

I started taking photos because the gallery at The Art Emporium caught my eye. They're featuring Homaira Ahmed, and she'll be there tonight for the reception. Her work is just stunning, combining portraiture with abstraction beautifully. On the show's postcard, she writes that this is a statement cautioning against prejudice, because we only ever see one facet of a person. There are a few non-representational paintings, too, with marvelous brush work.

Ahmed's website is, and she teaches adults and children. She sculpts as well, but I didn't realize the 3D works were hers too so I don't have photos of those pieces. The Art Emporium is at the corner of Quarrier and Hale Street and Artwalk is from 5pm-8pm. Thanks to Tracy, the sweet manager and the attendant who gave me the go-ahead to take photos.

These are also for sale at the Art Emporium, and I adore them:

Ceramic hearts with to-die-for texture by Laurie Pollpeter Eskenazi

"The River Runs Black" by Tandi Stephens, which I would have
bought for my River Man had $400 been available to buy art. I think this is so amazing-
but no surprise there: I did a few pieces with draping beadwork as a student.

Ridiculous cuteness that Molly I wanted to buy for button-obsessed
Molly and myself by Jennifer Sheets Richmond.
 Then I went into Stray Dog, the antiques shop owned by my friend Gina. (Gina I am in love with today because she thought I was lying about my age as she gave me birthday hugs. Later I'll deal with the hypocrisy of loving my age and aging in general but also feeling goddamn lovely when people think I'm younger. Today I'm just feeling fabulous about it.) I did finally buy something there. I chose a pair of hamsah earrings, an ivory-colored rosary with Mary rather than Jesus, and a  long necklace of glass beads.

Outside I photographed creepy ass bunnies from her window display. The skull art looks like Jason Kiley's but I forgot to ask to confirm. Look at those evil, red-eyed monsters the next time you think my rabbit aversion is funny.

Above: My nightmares made solid.
There's an Earth Day Invitational Exhibit at Apartment Earth. (I had to bail because I overplanned my month so much.) The roster of artists is bogglingly awesome. The studio is in the alley between Capitol & Hale, behind Good News Mountaineer Garage and Taylor Books. This bird assemblage Nik created is fantastic:

Bird assemblage sculpture of silverware by Nik Botkin.
Check out his website- he blows my mind,

After my outing, with a belly happily stuffed with salmon brie pizza from the Vandalia Grille, I painted and helped the Bird with homework until a delivery of flowers came. Shane surprised me with stargazer lilies instead of daisies. They smell like a heaven made of fairies and nectar. Beside them in the photo is a statuette of two women in lotus position with a bowl for a small candle between them. I've always thought of the twin women as Demeter and Persephone, though I think they're meant to be Native Americans. My mom's best friend gave it to me probably fifteen years ago.

Processed with the Snapseed app using Tilt shift.
Have a beautiful day, whether you're out art browsing or not. I'm off to transform my house and love up on my dude.

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