Monday, April 15, 2013

Random Bullet Blogging

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  • I have fuchsia hair. Wanted a deeper purple, closer to indigo. As I dyed it, I had a Pandora station on that was full of 90s nostalgia. Thinking of my 19th high school reunion this summer and 37th birthday, I laughed out loud and informed my mirror, "I guess it's not a phase."
  • My PMDD this month has been at an all-time high. I'm researching my ass off looking for the next treatment level. I'm pretty sure OCPs (my acronym of choice for oral contraceptive pills) are the next step. I'm not sure whether to try traditional pills (again) or to suppress menstruation totally. I don't have family history of the cancers that add a bit of risk to that, but it seems extreme. However, my PMDD is really, REALLY fucking extreme.
  • Tomorrow is Mom's birthday. I love and miss my Mama so bittersweetly. Her children came to know her as a best friend as adults, and those years I cherish so very much. I think we know her with a depth that we wouldn't have had we lost her at a younger age. My heart aches in a different way for loved ones who have lost parents as children.
  • I haven't missed a day yet in the Poeming into the Now project, even on a couple of days when all I could do was flail for words that could explain that moment. That was the point of my doing the course, and I'm crazy proud of writing something 15 days straight, through a really hard depression and exhaustion/pain.
  • I really want to do the Draw My Life tag on YouTube, despite not being a vlogger. If I can find a way to film it I'll do it this week. Here's Hannah Hart's video. I lurve her so much.
  • Three favorite moments from last week: 
    • My friend texted me the morning after the Children's Therapy Clinic fundraiser to tell me her coworker was praising the puzzle piece painting he'd bought at the auction. When he showed her the photo she was thrilled that it was mine, and sent me the sweetest message about it. 
    • Shane said something or did something (I can't remember what) and "got in trouble" and stuck his head into my studio closet to apologize to "Mom." Her ashes are in there, and he loves to joke about having a mother-in-law on constant astral surveillance. The irreverent hilarity of that cracks me up every time.
    • Shane grokked and loved that my puzzle piece being a vertical landscape (most are horizontal) was a part of the content of the art. (Mountains, they are vertical.) It's so fabulous to be married to a dude with the best eye for composition in the freaking world.
  • My Pittsburgh bestie is visiting Charleston this Friday and I'm so excited I'm bouncing. Gently bouncing.
  • If you missed the CTC auction, love you some Heidi WV landscapes, and still want to support WV kids with autism, come by the Autismn wareness Vendor Event at St. John's on the East End on April 24th. In addition to the gifts and art up for a silent auction, vendors will be selling all kinds of goodies, so you can pick up some jewelry, Scentsy goodies, handbags, Mary Kay, and a bunch more. 
Here's the puzzle piece painting, with a wild pixie that tagged along:

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  1. And I am crazy proud of you (always!)! <3

    happy birthdays week. <3