Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wild Sweetness of the Fool

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Yesterday I had arthritic(?) pain in my fingers that limited my writing/drawing until late evening. I managed to get two poems posted for our daily practice project, and then last night I finally got loosened up enough to paint & draw a bit. I drew myself as a wonderful Fool. I like to celebrate the positive archetypes of the Fool on the first of April. It's sort of me imagined as Delirium meets the Mad Hatter. I added a ram's horn to her hat because my subconscious' riffing led me there.

Fun. Bad likeness but great fun. Plus glitter. 
As the paint dried, the Bird's tooth came out and I snapped a photo of her ecstatic pride. You can't see the tooth, but it's my favorite image of her in quite a while:) Shane did grab a great shot of her little teensy mouth with the wee hole.

Why can't I ever focus? I'll have to use it as a source for
a drawing. Still, you can SEE the sound of her giggle.
This spring, let's revel in the youthful fun, the light-brightness, and the open mind of the Fool. In the Tarot, he is the beginning of the journey. He sets off to who knows where, in a fleet dance of carefree steps. Let the wildness blossom in us, and let at least one pollen sneeze be the kind that's secretly orgasmic.


  1. First: oh my gosh, awesome fool/you/horns!
    Second: first lost tooth? Awwww. Remy hasn't lost one yet, I'm excited in advance.
    Third: focus thought - here I'm guessing it's a combo of her movement (the fingers on the left) and that the focal point isn't her face/ eyes (which is "standard" in portraiture), but is on the fingers on the right. Or else she was scrunching up her face as the shutter went. I'm also guessing you may have some camera stability issues with how you need to hold it (do you brace it against your body? I think that would help. Like using your boobs or belly as part of a tripod...).

    Anyway, I like blur!


    1. Well, I exclusively use my iPhone camera these days so stability's usually doable...ish. This time it was definitely her movement. It was a pure accident of a shot but I love capturing a real laugh. She loves having her photo taken so much it's very hard to get a candid or un-posed portrait.

    2. Also... heh. My boobs are like limbs they're so necessary:)